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* Fast Review of the 6 latest (greatest!) HW/Project Proposals -- please
 join us advocating for, and/or reviewing shortcomings of these proposals:

 1. SaigonOLPC - Somerville, Massachusetts & Vietnam
 2. Columbus School for Girls requesting broken XOs for parts - Ohio
 3. OLPC Bahamas
 4. Amadou Basse Sall Primary School OLPC Edu Prjct - Dagana, Senegal
 5. Lap-Swap: Integrating Technology for Education - Tempe, Arizona
 6. Ntugi/UCC: Kenya, Canada

* Which projects might you enjoy Mentoring below?!

* New projects & libraries -- teaching them Community Outreach:

1. SaigonOLPC - Somerville, Massachusetts & Vietnam
   Requests 2 XO-1.5s over 2 months

   Project Objectives:
   Improve children’s education and their skills at Ba
   Chieu Shelter in Saigon.  Phase two is needed to follow up on how
   actively girls are using the Xos and how much should be taught to them
   to make them feel comfortable to sue XO in everyday life.
   Ba Chieu Shleter is a role model for other Shelter in the city
   It is a pilot project in the South of Vietnam, a part of Vietnam OLPC
   project.  This project is important in building OLPC community and
   raising awareness of Open Source Software and XO laptops

2. Columbus School for Girls requesting broken XOs for parts - Ohio

   Requests ? XOs

   Project Objectives:
   The main objective of this project is to interest and engage high school
   girls in computer science through this hands-on, real-world, socially
   relevant service learning project. Our school typically only fields
   2-3 students in any given computer science class we offer, and they
   are always the same 2-3 students. This project attracted over 40
   students initially, which is almost 15% of our student body. The
   service learning trip is the “hook” I needed to interest many
   students in something they might not otherwise discover.
   By all accounts, our first trip was a phenomenal success, with many
   girls now interested in pursuing programming or other computer science
   work. This second year, I will require more hardware work from the
   students, so these broken laptops will help provide the equipment I need.

3. OLPC Bahamas

   Requests 2 XO-1.5s over 3-4 months

   Project Objectives:
   We have a serious lacking in the area of education here in the 
Bahamas. Our national average is a D+. I want to promote education 
through technology and give the Bahamas a new industry of computer savvy 
people working with technology and bringing us as a country into the 
21st century.

4. Amadou Basse Sall Primary School OLPC Edu Prjct - Dagana, Senegal
   Requests 30 XOs over 24 months

   Project Objectives:
   - Provide school children with access to computer understanding and usage
   - Use computers for pedagogical purposes
   - Stimulate exchanges with another local school as well as enhance the
     current pedagogical cooperation with a French primary school based in
     Britanny (29920 Nevez France)
     Headmistress: Mrs Dominique Puloch
   - Capitalize on computing skills of one of the schools’ head masters who
     will train the school teachers
   - Take advantage of the existing limited computing infrastructure: 4 PCs
     with internet access
   - Involve pupils’ parents through allowing the children to bring XOs
     home for their homework
   - Stimulate Information exchanges within the local community*: town
     administration, welfare center… on topics related to nutrition, health:
     protection against malaria, schistosomiasis or vision deficiencies.
     These diseases are a major issue in the region and lead amongst other
     problems to school absenteeism.
   - Helping families suffering from poverty and low education level with
     administrative tasks, making XO an essential tool: The children, with
     the help of their school teachers, will help the family write a letter
     or a request for example. The draft could be sent through the Internet,
     thanks to the PCs we have.

5. Lap-Swap: Integrating Technology for Education - Tempe, Arizona

   Requests 2 XOs over 12 months

   Project Objectives:
   My business concentrates on on-site IT support for local
   homeowners and small business owners. Over the years I have 
discovered that
   when a laptop dies or becomes outdated to a customer's needs, 
customers wish
   to just replace the hardware rather than repair old technology. These
   laptops are discarded, where they could be re-used by local schools 
or other
   non-profitable sanctions. More importantly however, I have identified a
   unique opportunity to donate a portion of my profits to a cause I truly
   believe in, OLPC. For each "Swap" I generally earn approximately $300-350
   for delivering the hardware, setup, data transfer, software installation,
   and network setup. I believe that a portion (~$75) can be donated per
   "Lap-Swap" in an effort to donate one laptop per every 2-3 Lap-Swaps I
   perform in the field. Additionally, older hardware can be donated for
   re-distribution to local needy organizations such as lower-income schools
   and cooperating non-profits. This plan should help all stakeholders 
   as described below:

   . Business owners (myself) - I receive a profit to continue business
     and an incentive for customers to adopt my service

   . Clients (my customers) - Receive quality customer service and
     hardware, a tax write-off on their donated hardware, and the 
knowledge that
     they are helping a worthy cause

   . Beneficiaries from donations (the children that receive the
     laptops) - Beneficiaries receive hardware on a monthly donated 
basis; my
     hope is to increase this to many laptops per month

   . The surrounding community and environment (donations of modern
     computers and safe disposal of used electronics) - I safely dispose of
     unusable hardware to avoid landfills absorbing the impact and 
     usable hardware for donation to local agencies

   . Society as a whole (tax generation and general advancement of human
     intelligence through technology) - Taxes from my business support my
     community and hopefully a new understanding of the technology and 
     cycle is adopted. Human intellectual advancement through 
technologies such
     as computers is my ultimate goal.

6. Ntugi/UCC: Kenya, Canada

   Requests 10 XO-1.5s over 10 months

   Project Objectives:
   We hope to purchase 100 1.5's later this year, 50 of which will go to
   Ntugi in Kenya, and 50 of which will be used in the ICS3U computer
   science course here at UCC. In preparation for that...
   1) We want to test out the 1.5's here in Toronto
   2) We hope to take all 10 laptops to Kenya on July 13th to work on 
the following:
   - Measure the data pull at the newly constucted computer lab and outreach
     centre at Ntugi
   - Use Vernier sensors to develop shared curriculum in Biology,
     Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Studies
   - Determine how to install USB microscopes on the 1.5 for use in both
     Canada and Kenya
   - Expand blogging to include regular video blogging and creative-writing
     co-blogging between our two schools
   - Use Google Docs shared spreadsheets to share science data and analysis
     measured on the ground in both our locations
   - Explore the potential of the 1.5 for using Java applets and 
     for simulation and analysis in Science
   - Expand of the 'Horizons' mentoring program to bring Ntugi secondary
     students to the two local primary schools in anticipation of the
     repurposing of the current 30 XO 1.0's
   - Explore the potetnial of the 1.5 for use with USB GPS and Google Earth.
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