USB2VGA adapters on XO-1.5 (and XO-1 with F11 images)

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> Consider this a draft for updating our wikipage, or even better a script...


1 - yum install x11vnc tigervnc xorg-x11-drv-sisvga

2 - From grab

    xorg-xo1.5-dcon.conf - goes into /etc/X11/
    olpc-usbvgamirror - goes into /usr/bin/ - mark it executable!
    95-usbvga.rules - goes into /etc/udev/rules.d

With all these elements in place, just plug the usb2vga device, and
it'll mirror your XO screen. In case of trouble, output is logged in
/var/log/vncmirror*.log .

To tear the VNC sessions down, just unplug it.

Known issues

 - It is slow and laggy. A VNC protocol expert may be able to help us

 - After a while, the client starts complaining of 'zero sized rect'

 - If you look carefully, the mirror session has a small square cursor
in the middle of the screen. We need a variant on
but I could not make it work. Given how the technique works, I think
vncviewer is overriding the root window cursor.

 - It consumes significant amount of CPU time...

 - You may want to disable aggressive suspend -- most of the time the
CPU burn keeps the laptop awake. If it doesn't, you lose the device.


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