Lots of broken chargers in Nicaragua

ismael schinca ischinca at plan.ceibal.edu.uy
Wed Jan 27 12:41:23 EST 2010

Hello everyone! Here at Uruguay broken laptop chargers is also a BIG
problem, and I would dare say (personal opinion, not fact data) that over
95% of those chargers have broken cables, and from those over 80% break at
the connection between the cable and DC barrel plug. Actually, it's the
positive cable (the white one running inside) that almost always seems to be
the problem. It gets cut at that point, it's not a soldering issue or

I realize it's best to have a broken charger rather than a broken laptop,
but it would be really good if that part of the connection could be
improved. It would be really difficult to ask all the users to always pull
the cord from the connector rather than from the cable and to also properly
wrap the cable after using the charger. They are kids after all :)


Ismael Schinca

2010/1/26 Richard A. Smith <richard at laptop.org>

> On 01/25/2010 09:27 PM, James Cameron wrote:
> > But my original reading of what you said suggests the failures are at
> > the AC end of the cable ... the power supply housing is a "big green
> > plug" and it goes into the wall power socket.
> >
> > Which is it?
> I'll add that we have one other report from Nepal of the cable failing.
>  There we believe its the kids pulling the laptop out of the charging
> rack and forgetting to unplug it first.
> For Nepal it fails at both the connection to the power brick and at the
> connection to the barrel connector with the largest number of failures
> occurring at the barrel.
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