B R E A K T H R O U G H -- F11-on-XO1 has working video player

Raul Gutierrez Segales rgs at rieder.net.py
Wed Jan 27 02:29:21 EST 2010


F11 is almost out of the oven!!

Thanks Mikus & everybody for all of your hard testing! Special kudos to
SMParish for doing the builds! 

Here at .PY we have been able to setup the os image build machinery
(thanks Bernie!) so we plan to roll out a signed image soon.. Stay

Any other major blocker that deserves attention?


On Wed, 2010-01-27 at 01:25 -0600, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
> Ever since mid-December 2008, none of the newer XO-1 builds (beyond
> 8.2.x) were able to properly show any "moving pictures" for me.
> I ended up substituting another video driver in place of xv.  That gave
> me a smaller picture (sometimes showing only "snapshots" rather than a
> "movie").
> Having applied the ticket #9590 fix (adding 'Virtual 1200 900' to the
> "Screen" section of xorg.conf), I changed my os11 systems back to using
> the xv video driver.  I tested under identical conditions both with and
> without the #9590 fix.  That single change made the difference -- now on
> my XO_1 systems, "moving pictures" work properly in F11-on-XO1 builds.
> Prior to the application of the #9590 fix I could not honestly recommend
>  any builds beyond 8.2.x to an XO-1 owner.   Now I can.
> mikus
> p.s.  My current Mplayer command line:
> >  mplayer -framedrop -vo xv -vfm ffmpeg -lavdopts skipframe=nonref:skiploopfilter=nonkey:fast=1
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