New release of F11 for the XO-1 - Build11

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Fri Jan 8 09:18:36 EST 2010

This is certainly an improved build.
Pippy finally works and adding the camera and power management should make it ready :)
The record activity in this version does not record sound either. This was not the case in the os10 and looks like a regression.
The focusing problem in write activity (when single or double quote is typed) also remains, though I thought the dsd had fixed this. 

The problem that I had with the new build system and the resulting link-heavy builds is that I could not rpm -i a different kernel. I was trying to see if the kernel from here ( ) will fix the camera problem but the new kernel was nowhere to be found, even if rpm reported no problems during installation.
Is this because this kernel predates the current build system, by design, or a bug?  

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> Subject: New release of F11 for the XO-1 - Build11
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> Date: Tuesday, January 5, 2010, 7:18 PM
> This is the first release created
> with a new build system created by Daniel 
> Drake.  This new system can create builds for the XO-1
> and XO-1.5.
> Known issues:
> Keyboard and mouse will not wakeup from sleep.  Can be
> fixed by disabling 
> power management in Sugar.
> Camera still does not work
> You can get it here
> Issues can be filed @
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