New release of F11 for the XO-1 - Build11

Paul Fox pgf at
Wed Jan 6 09:10:40 EST 2010

john wrote:
 > > Keyboard and mouse will not wakeup from sleep.  Can be fixed by disabling 
 > > power management in Sugar.
 > Is there any reason for cutting release after release that don't work
 > unless end users disable power management (sometimes twice!)?

to be clear, the releases in question are being built by a
volunteer, using source bits available at the time.  these are
not OLPC releases, and we're _very_ happy someone is doing this
to keep the ball rolling.  i'm sure steve had reasons to put out
this build 11.  unfortunately it came on the same day that i
(hopefully) fixed the bug referred to above, and so apparently
doesn't include the fix.


 > Surely if you can't fix the bugs, you could at least ship the release
 > with power management disabled by default, so it works out of the box.
 > Or, one step up from that, have it figure out which hardware it can
 > reliably suspend on, and only have it enable suspend by default on
 > that hardware.
 > 	John
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