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George Hunt georgejhunt at
Sat Jan 2 23:12:04 EST 2010

Hi Seth, gang,

I just cloned the git version of help at
(activity.infoversion 9).

A couple of months ago I downloaded the then current version of help,
because I wanted to include a browser based help system in a debugger I am
writing.  I discovered, much to my annoyance, that the webview widget, when
asked to hide itself, actually gets the pointer to the mainwindow, and hides
it.  That didn't work for my needs.  But I discovered that the helpfr (the
french version of help) worked on fc11 and also corrected the widget hide

Just for grins, I put the helpfr (Aide) up on build 767 (I think that's
sugar 8.2.1), and it worked.  So it would appear to be a simple substitution
to swap the helpfr browser iengine nto the current v9.

I was wondering if someone had already worked up such a branch on  git so
that  help will be ready for FC11 and XO1.5.   If not, I would be willing to
work on one.

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