Announcing Q2E42 firmware for XO-1.0

Mitch Bradley wmb at
Sat Feb 13 02:34:27 EST 2010

This release is for testing a number of security enhancements for XO-1.0 
and many other changes that have been added to the source tree during 
the development of XO-1.5. Since it has been a long time since the last 
XO-1.0 firmware release, it would not be surprising to find problems 
with this release, so the best guess is that another XO-1.0 release will 
be needed before widespread deployment.

    Changes since OLPC Firmware q2e41

    * Trac 9045 - key delegation
    * Trac 9362 - setup-smbios for Linux boots
    * Trac 9434 - nbclone to secure XO possible
    * Trac 9485 - Secure Windows boot
    * Trac 9972 and others - Fixed numerous problems with ext2
      filesystem package
    * Numerous improvements to USB stack
    * Improvements to SDHCI driver
    * Many other changes in support of XO-1.5, some of which had
      (hopefully minor) impact on XO-1.0 code

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