[ANNOUNCE] Tiny Core Linux for XO-1 and XO-1.5

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Fri Feb 12 15:46:31 EST 2010

yioryos wrote:
 > Network, display, qwerty keyboard, touchpad (more jumpy than usual), USB 
 > devices, SDcard, sound, are OK.
 > Camera I couldn't check (broken)
 > Gamekeys, sound/dimming keys, battery monitor, suspend/power
 > management, screen rotation, not.

well, sounds like you've taken on an excellent project!  good luck.  ;-)

seriously -- that's a big list of stuff that's not working, and much
of it, as you've figured out, will require some development work, or
at least some packaging work, to integrate the known solutions to
those problems that come from either "official" releases, or spinoffs
like F11-on-XO, debxo, etc.  any can/would be a good learning experience,
if that's what you're looking for.  or you could just treat TC as
a very convenient minimal system for the XO, and leave it at that -- a
minimal system to use when you want really fast booting, and not much


 > I tried available TC extensions that do not require GTK2 to keep it simple 
 > (aren't many) with no luck
 > I did not try any "hack" because quite frankly I have no idea even where to 
 > start.
 > The list of pointers I need is probably longer than the solutions...
 > Starting with the xserver, Xorg7.4 is available for TC but there is no 
 > geode-video driver compiled for it everywhere I looked. So no xrandr and  no 
 > rotation but that's OK I guess. 
 > Xorg is a big black box to me anyway.
 > For power management, kbdsim/powerd looks like the way to go for PM and the 
 > sound/dimming keys. However, compiling kbdsim/powerd for TC is another black 
 > box for me.
 > OHM is not available for TC but hal is, and installs fine on TC-XO but I have 
 > no way to tell if is working properly (pointer?). 
 > Adding 30-keymap-olpc.fdi from os10 changed nothing in gamekeys/F-keys 
 > behavior. I do not know though if Xfbdev supports gamekeys. Can gamekeys 
 > function without Xorg?
 > Battery-wise cat 
 > /sys/devices/platform/olpc-battery.0/power_supply/olpc-battery/capacity reports 
 > the correct battery level but from there to a battery monitor, specially when 
 > the 4 I tried come as binary files, is a long way...
 > PS: Pls "replay all" when/if you respond to this. I do not subscribe to this 
 > list. Too many things are beyond me :)

 paul fox, pgf at laptop.org

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