Build system and repos for F11/XO-1.5?

Daniel Drake dsd at
Tue Feb 2 14:33:03 EST 2010

On 2 February 2010 13:17, Martin Langhoff <martin.langhoff at> wrote:
> couple questions about it...
>  - Can it build F11/XO-1 images, with jffs2?

Yes, it is used for Steven's recent F11-XO1 releases

>  - Can it build "partitioned" images?

Yes, it has been used for all recent XO-1.5 OS builds which are partitioned.

>  - I see the stern warning about running the compose on the same OS as
> OLPC does. Are there specific things that blow up? Should we generally
> recommend that the compose is run on the same OS that is being
> composed? (F11 for F11-based OSs?)

I don't know what the effects (if any) would be if you tried to build
10.1 from non-F11, I have not tried but I don't think its a good idea,
hence the warning. Investigation welcome.

You also need to match the olpc-os-builder version to the build that
you are making, since some of the sauce that makes the build is
specific to the build scripts at a certain point of time. This
specific point might have been overlooked for 10.1.1 - is it
officially released? If so the olpc-os-builder tree should be bumped
and tagged as v1.1.0 at that specific point, and suggested_oob_version
in the 10.1.1 build config should be set appropriately.

> If I look at examples/olpc-os-10.1.0-xo1.5.ini, there are 3 yum repos,
> are the 3 of them frozen? In other words -- can anyone match our build
> now and in 2 years' time?

Yes - as has been true for all OLPC OS releases to date. Nothing has
changed in this respect with the new build system. (although that
server does have some stability issues)

The idea is to get this into Fedora to make it dead easy for deployments:

Then these instructions can be followed:

Someone needs to pick up that work, maybe you? :)

In addition to the docs that Chris pointed out, note that all modules
have a README too.


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