Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at
Mon Dec 27 15:35:20 EST 2010


Any reason that the openssl 0.9.8n-1.fc11 is of the 686 architecture as
bundled in the os360 packages?  Causes a bit of grief on localinstalls and
reinstalls.   On a reinstall, the message says that the installed package
openssl-0/9/8n-1.fc11.i686 from koji.dist-f11-updates-10.1.2 is not
available; the local installs complain about the arhcitecture.  t's minor
grief because one can get around all this with ignore flags.  That said, a
yum update does select openssl-0.9.8n-2.fc11.586 from the repository
'updates'.  When I use this instead as my base for localinstalls,
reinstalls, and maunal updates, all works great.  Just wondering if there
was something specific which made one choose the 686 version for the build


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