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Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at
Thu Dec 23 00:53:26 EST 2010

I'm not sure if this should go to olpc devel or sugar devel, so I'm
just sending it here for now.

Record-86 is much better than it used to be, but we're still seeing
some problems with recording and playback on 10.1.2 on our XO-1.5s.

Firstly, I tried Record after having used the XO with various
activities (Musicpainter, Image Thumbnail, etc.) and closed them
(leaving nothing else running). Recording in Low for 2 min appeared to
work, but playback gave no sound, and it paused after about 10

Restarting the XO, I ran Record again. Playback of the video was fine.
Then I recorded a 2 min video in High quality. Fast movement, etc.
seemed okay until the final ~30 seconds. At this point, the screen
updated very slowly. I reduced the image complexity so that it was
able to catch up by the end.

Playing back the High quality video gave me what I had seen on the
screen when recording, i.e. it was fine until about 30 secs remaining.
Then the frame rate slowed to a crawl. Audio continued to be smooth
despite the video. The video was fine by the final few seconds, in
sync with the audio.

We're tracking this here:

Does anyone have any ideas on what can be done to address this?


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