USB Ethernet test

James Cameron quozl at
Sun Dec 19 17:31:01 EST 2010

On Sun, Dec 19, 2010 at 02:22:01PM -0500, Kevin Gordon wrote:
> All above testing done in root in the terminal from Sugar activity.
> Sorry, I dont know how to the step request of : "check Sugar frame for
> an IP address assignment".  I also dont know how to check
> "collaboration through sharing", Sugar and I are just getting to know
> each other.

The testing you did was sufficient, no need to repeat, but here's more
detail on how these steps are done:

1.  "check Sugar frame for an IP address assignment".

The frame will have an icon for the USB ethernet adapter.  The icon is
on the bottom segment of the frame.  Hover mouse or right-click on the
icon to call up a palette.  The palette includes IPv4 address if one is

2.  "collaboration through sharing".

Consider laptops A and B.  Connect them via a wireless or wired network.
Wait for both laptops to list each other in the neighbourhood view.

On laptop A, start the Chat activity.  Wait for it to finish starting.
Change the "Share with" from "Private" to "My Neighborhood" (sic).

On laptop B, an icon should appear in the neighbourhood view
corresponding to the shared Chat activity ... click on it.  Wait for the
Chat activity to start.  Wait for the "Share with" to change
automatically from "Private" to "My Neighborhood".

Wait for the chat transcripts to indicate a join.  Converse by keyboard
between the two laptops.  Quit the activity on both laptops.

> Other than the two Sugar steps that I don't know how to do, I think
> this maybe completes the request.

Yes, it does, thanks.  I've written up a summary in the ticket.

James Cameron

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