Mitch Bradley wmb at laptop.org
Fri Dec 17 16:42:54 EST 2010


svn 2054 - SDHCI - keep track of last 8 commands and display them when 
an error occurs.
svn 2065 - Increase external SD card power-up off time for a 32 G class 
10 SD card being tested.
svn 2068 - Changed the check for NTLDR to be less language-sensitive.
svn 2070 - USB hub driver - added a configurable delay between port 
power-up and probing.
svn 2072 - OLPC trac #10521 - close audio device after playing startup 
sound so subsequent test /audio works right (resets the sample rate).
svn 2076 - SDHCI - restore previous delay for internal slot, adopt 250ms 
delay following tests with external slot. May be revisited with XO-1.75 
A2 where only 1ms may be required.
svn 2079 - DSDT, enable THRM# GPIO (ebook) by default.
svn 2081 - OLPC trac #10547 - mouse driver was broken due to bad syntax 
for the unit address.
svn 2082 - Avoid set DCONLOAD during resume.
svn 2083 - Avoid wait for DCONBLNK.
svn 2084 - OLPC trac #10558 - test-all was skipping mouse and keyboard 
and fixed the mouse driver so it works with the AVC Sentelic touchpads.

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