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The three hard-wired Ethernet dongles I put up on the wiki page this morning
as tested and working seem to have dropped off the page. Perhaps they were
placed in the wrong spot?

I also cant seem to add any more results either, did I offend someone?

However, what I can tell you is that my Sierra Wireless 881 3G Broadband
Datastick (USB ID 1199:6856) connected fine on the gnome side of the XO 1.5
to Rogers in Canada.  I had to manually add the connection to get the APN
right,  but that was pretty painless.  I must say though that the Device ID
climbing up to Bus 002, Device 022 before I got it working was a little
surprising.  On full reboot it went back to Bus 002, Device 003.

But, when the little power indicator at the bottom right went off,  which it
did after about 10 seconds, the network disconnected and then didn't come
back when i played on the trackpad. I needed to manually restart the
connection.  I was in the  middle of downloading a page when this happened,
so I'm not really sure why it thinks I'm idle, it just seems to put itself
to sleep a little.  The screen stayed on.

So then, I couldn't find any control on the Gnome side to turn off auto
power management, so I went over to Sugar and turned if off there from the
settings page.  Should the mobile broadband connection stay active if I do a
switch to Sugar?  Because it doesn[t seem to, it seems to instead start
using my previoua wireless connection from my previous Sugar session by
default.  Which then made me think, I actually have no idea how to try to
nitiate a Broadband modem connection from the Sugar side!  Oops.

That said, I then restarted the gnome desktop, with auto-power turned off,
started the broadband connection, started firefox, then did absolutely
nothing for 4 minutes.  I then went to load a new web page and the
connection was still active and the new page loaded.  So I think that's
pretty good, no?

Just let me know if I'm more trouble than help :-)



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> > Unfortunately,  for now, Work interferes again :-)
> When you're free again, your feedback will be welcome at
> And there are several other procedures on that page that would welcome
> extra hands and eyes testing.
> cheers,
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