Misc USB Notes Build 358

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Wed Dec 15 13:46:50 EST 2010

Kevin wrote:
> I can interchange them <the USB internet dongles> on the fly 
> plugged directly into the same USB port on either flavour of XO,
> and after a couple of seconds full internet connectivity is present.

Please note that each ethernet dongle usually has its own 6-byte HWaddr.
It has been my experience that as dongles with different HWaddr values
are plugged into the same XO (without reinstalling its build) - and
provide a connection - a new interface (name) is created for each new
dongle.  For example - if the first dongle gets 'eth1' automatically
assigned to it, the second would get 'eth2' automatically assigned to
it, etc.


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