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Kevin Gordon kgordon420 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 10:28:21 EST 2010


I've put my test results for my three USB ethernet dongles up on the 10.1.3
wiki page.  They all work, all the time.  They are also very robust, I can
interchange them on the fly plugged directly into the same USB port
on either flavour of  XO, and after a couple of seconds full internet
connectivity is present.

They all also work when individually plugged into a Belkin F5U237 Powered
hub which is then plugged into either XO.  The USB ID of the hub is
050d:0237. On that hub at the same time were an LG DVD drive (152e:1640), an
external HD (00dc4:00db), all of which worked beautifully concurrently. (We
chose this hub because James and Richard warned me about bad things
happening when back-current is present from USB powered dvices, and Mikus
has kindly verified for me that this hub behaves nicely in that respect.)

On the USB2VGA testing, that continues.  I've found that on the gnome
screens using the preference drop-down gnome-display-prperties allows one to
change the resolution on the fly, and also have the last used resolution
saved for next reboot; and, it also  keeps all the resolutions available for
future change.  I have not been successful changing resolutions on the sugar
side.  But, I havent spent much time yet on this yet.  <tick tick tick>

Warning *noise alert* : when using the system-config-display command instead
to change resolutions downwards, it appears to delete a whole bunch of
previously available higher resolutions on the next reboot.  It also
requires a reboot (or maybe just an X restart, which i dont know how to do,
sorry).  This is a bit of a non-issue, as I probably should never have
loaded this last rpm at all, and it has probably done something to the
xorg.conf file.  It was something I used on the Ubuntu box, and was just
playing.  As I understand it, which is sometimes a feat in itself, I may
have defeated all the nice benefits of a configuration-less sisusb
environment  :-)  I'm also still educating myself on the xrandr command, so
I cannot be an authorative source for any of this.  As i said, this whole
paragraph is potentially *noise*.

I didnt see any little section to put the more valuable part of this info up
on the testing page, so I sent it here.


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