Problem building 2.6.35 kernels

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Sun Dec 5 15:02:55 EST 2010

--- On Sat, 12/4/10, Daniel Drake <dsd at> wrote:

> From: Daniel Drake <dsd at>
> > Trying to build an XO-1.5 kernel in an F14 machine
> from the olpc-2.6.35 git sources, "make xo_1_5-kernel-rpm"
> fails because it requires dracut-modules-olpc >= 0.5.4.
> So install it. It's a regular Fedora package.

After installing it, on the next fedora kernel update, olpc dracut modules apparently kick in modifying initrd accordingly.
On next reboot a get a nice "Hello, (deployment people) of the world!"
And then a not so nice "Exception: Not an XO laptop" followed by kernel panic.
Take home message. Installing dracut-modules-olpc in a non-XO lap top is not recommended.

Which brings back the original question, regarding ways to build a modified XO kernel.

Any suggestions?


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