Problem building 2.6.35 kernels

Chris Ball cjb at
Sun Dec 5 03:03:24 EST 2010


   > BTW, I have the sense that is becoming increasingly difficult to
   > work on the XO outside of Fedora. Would this be accurate?

It's hard to answer without specifics, but if this is the case I
expect it's because of non-Fedora-on-XO projects slowing down rather
than because of anything negative that's happening in Fedora-land.

I think the only movement I'm aware of, though, has been in the
opposite direction -- thanks to recent work (in the linux-next kernel
tree) by Daniel and Andres Salomon, we're finally reaching the point
where standard (non-OLPC) Linux kernels are usable on the XO.  This has
historically been the largest roadblock against running other distros.

- Chris.
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