F14 os4 development image released (XO-1 and XO-1.5)

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Sun Dec 5 11:28:33 EST 2010

2010/12/5 Christophe Guéret <c.d.m.gueret at vu.nl>:
> I would like to compile some stuff to be run on an XO-1 and I would rather
> doing that on my desktop rather than on the XO directly.

You didn't mention what you want to compile so I'll assume its just a
regular application.
You can compile it like you would for any 32bit x86 platform (e.g. on
your main desktop) and it will work on the XO, provided library
dependencies are met.
Almost all of the packages on the XO come directly from Fedora (being
compiled by Fedora's generic build servers) -- there's nothing
XO-specific to worry about.

> How can this image be run with QEMU, if it can?

There's no qemu support at the moment.


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