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I'm trying to improve the autoconnection algorithm NetworkManager uses to
select the best AP to connect to -in the XO with F11-.

I've succeeded in modifying the algorithm so that it connects to the known
AP with best strength. The problem I'm having is that the XO's initial scans
are poor in results and don't let NM autoconnection feature make a confident
decision as to what AP to connect to. This is important for network planning
issues in deployments.

What I wanted to do was to execute a few scans before NM tries to
autoconnect to any AP. That's why I have a question about how wireless
interfaces get started in Sugar.

I was under the impression that I could ask for the scans by editing the
code where sugar starts the network interfaces. Sadly I'm not familiar with
the code and don't know where to start.

That's why I'm asking if anyone could point me in some direction (what .py/s
to look for, where the interfaces get started) in order to accomplish what I
want to do.

I look forward to any tips anyone can provide.

Thanks much for the help.


Ing. Franco Miceli
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