XoPhoto needs a few intrepid testing volunteers.

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Tue Aug 24 00:05:45 EDT 2010

> When XoPhoto loads, it checks for at least 10 images, (mime_type
> .png,.jpg,.tif). If there're not enough to play around with, load 11. 

This I expect is what happened, I had 2 of my own images, it installed 11 more, I deleted 4, ran it again and it installed 11 more.

> The journal images can be deleted pretty easily, when the user is done with
> the (currently non-existent) tutorial  -- just drag the images to the trash,
> and then empty the trash.

There is no trash in Sugar, its a dropdown menu in Journal to delete.


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