[Sugar-devel] Making OLPC / Sugar Labs more approachable

Neil Graham Lerc at screamingduck.com
Mon Aug 9 16:17:08 EDT 2010

On Mon, 2010-08-09 at 14:05 -0400, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> We do a ton of things in relationship with our 'community' (or perhaps
> our different 'communities'). For example, we engage in this thread
> with you.
And yet, Developers on this list [olpc-devel] have complained when
people have done that, because this is not the place for it.  Of course,
there isn't any other place for it. 

> As with most projects, it's up to you to help, participate positively, or not.
Indeed, and I have tried to do that.  

I really don't want to get combative here.   This may come off as "You
guys all suck" but what I want is for things to improve.   I feel  that
every criticism seems to be responded with a counterattack.  I would
much prefer it if there were at least an acknowledgement of the
frustration that people 'on the outside' are feeling. 

When you say "it's up to you to help, participate positively, or not."
it feels like the implication is that you think I should do more than
just complain.  That also makes it seem like I have been contributing in

I would also like to stress that it wasn't my intention to bring this up
because I have found things hard.  It's because so many of the people I
have spoken to have felt the same frustration.  I'm not a Python person,
but a friend of mine who attended PyCon came back and said he was amazed
with just how many people he met who felt burned by OLPC.  


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