Killing activities when memory gets short

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Sun Aug 8 13:40:33 EDT 2010

> > Just killing a random activity is a terrible idea becayse you don't want
> > your product behaving like it's defective; the pop up idea is way more
> > acceptable(and a lot better than having the system randomly behaving like
> > it's crashed). Either way, this is the extremely important use of swap
> > memory that doesn't exist here. I understand your engineering constraints
> on
> > the hardware but randomly killing activities is poised to confuse users
> and
> > cause people considering the hardware for deployment to think that you're
> > selling them something defective/baddly manufactured.
> I tihnk I have been sloppy with my words, so let me clarify two things:
I read through the thread but may also missed something.

> - killing processes should be done only to avoid OOM (because
> currently the kernel kills the wrong thing most of the time).


> - before the need for killing arises, we can do a myriad of things to
> prepare the user for what is coming and maybe to avoid it (some good
> ideas have already been posted in this thread).

The idea of killing activities with the content closed seems ok but it would
probably be a good idea to have a way to opt out of it for some apps. I'm
thinking a PDF that may be left open on purpose to serve as reference to
something, a browser window, etc. Are you then proposing to use the LRU
policy to do the killing? I'm thinking that a popup with a cancel tied to a
timeout may be a good idea. Once it is not allowed to be killed, it should
not try to again for the session, or at least for a very large increase in
query time.
Apps like instant messaging(though I don't recall one for Sugar), would
definitely need a definitive opt out, no?

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