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javed khan javedkhan2k2 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 02:09:21 EDT 2010

Hi All
i followed the instruction in the read me of olpc-os-builder as

     1.  install Fedora 11,

    2.  install the build dependencies:

        yum install zlib-devel libtomcrypt-devel glibc-headers

    3.  build the package:

        make install

    4.  install the run-time dependencies:

        yum install python-imgcreate bitfrost

now i have some question
I want to create local repository, so which files i should download from
there are three folders
there are tons of files there.
now what should i do, download all three folders, or download some spceific
files from each folder.
here in Ministry of Education (Afghanistan) we have a shared 1mb internet
which is the main probelm.


Javid Alam
Software Developer and Technical support Officer OLPC
Ministry of Education
Kabul Afghanistan
contact: +93(0)798123451
alternative email: javid.alam at moe.gov.af
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