The All-Singing, All-Dancing XCompMGR

James Cameron quozl at
Thu Apr 29 18:31:55 EDT 2010

Tested on XO-1.5 with build os121.  Method was to start Terminal, then

	sudo yum install xcompmgr
	xcompmgr -nc &

On Thu, Apr 29, 2010 at 12:16:49PM -0700, Nate Theis wrote:
> Invoking "xcompmgr -nc" on my XO-1 caused a speed increase. However,
> it also drop-shadowed non-full-screen windows.
> This caused interesting things to happen.
> First, the Frame looked awesome and animated smoothly.

Yes, that was interesting.  The animation was much better, no longer
jerky.  Probably because the motion is blurred slightly by the drop
shadow.  Without the drop shadow the hard outline is much more obvious
as it shifts position during the animation.

> It appeared to be composed of four individual pieces (one on each
> side), which is exactly the point we hint at.

Yes, I like that, much easier to comprehend.  Without such a hint, the
frame arrival violates physics.  See screenshot of frame over journal,

> Secondly, the drop-shadow affected the frame, save dialogs, tooltips,
> etc but did not affect the fullscreen activities.

Agreed, it looked good.

It also increased the speed of switching between windows.  It was
especially obvious when toggling between the journal (F4) and the home
view (F3).  (Not at all obvious when switching between F1, F2, and F3
views, but that's because these are not implemented as window switching;
the redraw is done by Sugar shell.  Perhaps they should be separare
windows instead.)

James Cameron
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