The All-Singing, All-Dancing XCompMGR

Nate Theis nate.techboy128 at
Thu Apr 29 15:16:49 EDT 2010

There was a thread here a while ago about a program called xcompmgr. It
improved speed switching to and from programs. There was a slight memory
tradeoff, though.

However, the 1.5 has increased memory. The speed boost alone would be good
cause for its inclusion, but it also has some interesting command line
switches. Invoking "xcompmgr -nc" on my XO-1 caused a speed increase.
However, it also drop-shadowed non-full-screen windows.

This caused interesting things to happen.

First, the Frame looked awesome and animated smoothly. It appeared to be
composed of four individual pieces (one on each side), which is exactly the
point we hint at.

Secondly, the drop-shadow affected the frame, save dialogs, tooltips, etc
but did not affect the fullscreen activities.

In other words, everything that's supposed to be "on top" of the activity
was drop-shadowed,  conveying that they are, indeed, on top of the activity.

It also looks *REALLY* good. This is psychological, but the tiny drop-shadow
around everything made it look... well, incredible.
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