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Paul Fox pgf at
Wed Apr 28 13:53:25 EDT 2010

tiago wrote:
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 > > maybe i'm misunderstanding you, but i think i didn't do a good
 > > job up above.  the 4 keys used by sugar for network, friends,
 > > home, and activity _are_ F1 through F4.  those keys have never
 > > been special, and they're not special on the new keyboard.  all
 > > that's changed on the new keyboard is that the keys now have two
 > > names:  the symbolic sugar icon, and the traditional F{1,2,3,4}
 > > name.
 > >
 > >
 > Nope, you read me right. I have not a good idea of what goes on in that
 > background(altough I knew they were the default F keys currently) so I was
 > asking if that was possible - to have different meanings to the F1-12 keys
 > and having them send another code when pressing Fn+F1-12, as it could be
 > reused by software(xmodmap?).

as i just mentioned replying to ben, the Fn-xx version of the function
keys is available -- but i don't know whether X11 can deal with them

 > Since you're already reusing the F keys with gnome loaded to control volume
 > and the backlight, it makes sense to me to have the Fn key modify the
 > behavior to provide the default F1-12 behavior in some way. While they're
 > not used constantly, they are important sometimes. I frequently ran into
 > this problem and there's no easy way around missing F keys in Gnome, as if
 > this is a common use case... probably not but I don't do deployments :|

yes, i agree.  unlike F1-F4, the F9-F12 keys are captured and don't
produce their traditional keycodes.  we need to do something about that.

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