How to create a proper ?

Daniel Drake dsd at
Wed Apr 28 07:57:29 EDT 2010

On 28 April 2010 06:20, Bastien <bzg at> wrote:
> It fails, the XO is looking for, then for a school mesh,
> etc.  I have no "OK" prompt and I cannot use copy-nand.
> How do I create the requested

You can't.
This file is a signature, so you need OLPC's private keys in order to
generate it. And they keep that locked up pretty tight.

You can generate your own keypairs, and then make your own with
your own key, but your XO won't accept it (since it is verifying that
the build originates from OLPC, and in your case, it doesn't).

You then have the option of loading your own public key into the
manufacturing data of each XO, in which case it will start trusting
your own keypair. (this requires a developer key for each laptop, or
coordination with OLPC if you're a big deployment)

The much easier option, and the one I'd suggest, is that you simply
disable security on all the laptops.
Obtain a developer key for all laptops and run "disable-security" at
the firmware prompt.
Then you can load any image, without signature.


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