Pain building olpc-update rpm

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Sun Apr 25 02:16:33 EDT 2010

Right now, if you do clone of the olpc-update repo, and try to build
it... well, it doesn't work very well.

- First, you have to know to "make mock". That's an easy makefile read ;-)

- You need to handcraft your .gitmodules and then git submodule init ;
git submodule update . Make your .gitmodules thus

[submodule "leases"]
  path = leases
  url = git://

It might be a good idea to include .gitmodules in the repo. That's how
projects that use git submodules make life easier. (Although anyone
using submodules has abandoned any pretense of making anything easy...
curse and confusticate submodules.)

 - The Makefile and spec file disagree about the version of the thing
-- are we at 2.22 or 2.19? Or are we using a different build

 - Finally, you need the bandwidth and the patience to have mock build
its chroot...


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