Hulahop browser screen width XO1.0 vs XO1.5

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Thu Apr 22 13:39:40 EDT 2010

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 04:27, George Hunt <georgejhunt at> wrote:
> Hi again,
> My activity uses Hulahop Browser for its help system.  The default browser
> on the XO`1.0 seems set up for 800x600.   The CSS width specs  on the
> functioning HELP activity add up to 800 px wide and everything works out ok.
> But on F11 XO1.5, the same help activity only renders about 2/3 full screen.
> And I'm experiencing similar problems rendering my help pages between 1.0
> and 1.5.
> On F11, I believe the default screen width sensed by the xulrunner engine is
> the 1200x900,   the actual screen size.
> I'm pretty sure there's a way to ask the gecko engine to render on a 800x600
> screen, or alternatively to ask gecko on the XO1.0 to render on a 1200x900
> surface.
> But I don't know XUL well and I feel I'd be wasting my time learning about
> how to set up gecko, if someone already knows how to solve this one.  I'd be
> willing to modify HELP activity, once we I find an acceptable solution.

Hmm, is the problem that the html content doesn't cover the whole
hulahop area, or that the hulahop widget doesn't fill the whole

If the former, it's a matter of html. If the latter, hulahop is a
normal gtk widget and you should use the gtk api to make what you
want. Hulahop should behave the same as a gtk.Button in this regard,



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