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Thu Apr 22 11:53:01 EDT 2010

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 11:17 AM, Simon Schampijer <simon at> wrote:
> based on the discussion in this thread I have created a first patch
> attached to ticket #9845 [1] implementing the three default ad hoc
> networks for channel 1, 6 and 11. A screenshot can be found there, too.
> There are a few open questions about the general approach I want to name
> here:

Great to see this in motion!

> * Do we agree to have three icons, one for each available channel?


> * Naming: do we agree to name the networks 'Mesh Network [channel name]'
> even though they are no mesh networks but in order to keep 'backwards
> compatibility'?

Changing name here is important... Even for xo-1+802 compatibility. If
the ad-hoc network has a different name, then XO-1+802 can see it and
connect to it.

Might make sense to keep the icons though - or have another icon
variant. Seems important that the icon for these ad-hoc networks must
be different from real APs.

> * I do not save the connection to the nm-config file and don't mark them
> to autoconnect, so we do not autoconnect when starting Sugar. I think,
> as an ad-hoc network is not a persistent configuration this makes sense.

Sounds reasonable.

> * Should we add an icon for 'mesh-network-connected' to better represent
> the mesh network we are currently connected to?

It makes sense to keep using a differentiated icon...

> * Connection sharing: So far the connections created are 'link-local'
> connections. What is the plan for sharing an internet connection over an
> adhoc network? As the XO has only one network device, i guess this is
> not a common scenario.

I'd say "for later" and avoid feature creep, though it's been
requested separately.

I think people working on the 3G modem integration were looking into
connection sharing -- it makes sense to ensure that both features play
well together...

> * Remove the 'Create Network' ability of the wireless frame device


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