How to build an .img

Bastien bastienguerry at
Wed Apr 21 11:19:39 EDT 2010

Bastien <bzg at> writes:

> How to build a modified os802_fr.img (and its friend  

Ok, I made some progress. was helpful.

I managed to create my own images (fr802.crc, fr802.img, fr802.img.md5)
using script.

But I still have two problems:

1. using the G1G1/802 activities gives an error about missing licenses.
   What activities should I use in bundles/ to avoid this problem?

2. I told to run a script which removes the file I want to get
   rid of (which is ${imgdir}/home/olpc/.sugar-update) - but the script
   fails and complains this file is missing.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot,


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