Help with permissions under Rainbow sought

George Hunt georgejhunt at
Sat Apr 17 21:26:23 EDT 2010

Hi all,

I've been trying, in the last few days, to put  the finishing touches on the
PyDebug activity I have been developing.  I am using an ipython console
application which writes a history file to the home directory (I changed the
HOME environment to SUGAR_ROOT/data).  Rainbow changes UID for every
invocation of the debugger so therefore the ability of ipython to update its
history file would have to be based upon GID which is constant from one
invocation to the next. Apparently the create mask rainbow uses is 755 and
group members do not have write access.

I came upon the strategy of having my program update  the write permissions
for group after every file creation so that full access would be available
at the next invocation.  But then I discovered that during execution, python
creates the *.pyc files.  If the process blows up before I have a chance to
rewrite permissions, I will not be able to change the program and continue

The only two solutions i've been able to come up with is to use supper user
and the Terminal Activity to:

   1. add 'org.laptop.PyDebug' to the list of programs for which rainbow is
   disabled in 'activityfactoryr' or
   2. disable bitfrost entirely by renameing /etc/old-security.

#1 seems much preferable, for XO1.5 and f11 for XO1.0.  But it's kludgy for
earlier builds.
I don't know whether there are deployments that disable superuser in
Terminal Application, which would make a patch impossible.

Is there a solution I"m missing?
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