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Sebastian Silva sebastian at
Thu Apr 15 16:41:00 EDT 2010

Hello OLPC!

Glad to have your attention!
Now while we do, it might be a good time to discuss ways to improve
the way we can provide feedback. Please don't let our past and constant
frustration with OLPC taint the very fact that we are volunteers trying to
help OLPC's mission.

It is no secret that OLPC has had trouble getting feedback from the
field in Peru from the official "deployment team".

Its understandable that you cannot be in the field with us.
But we are here for you, so please, when we do provide feedback, with
all the difficulties that this entails in our circumstances, do not act as
if we're personally attacking you.

This would be a good start.

> "We *do*
> get many reports from deployment teams that represent hundreds of
> thousands of children, and try to collect and communicate that feedback
> effectively. In fact, I'm going to meet with the head of one of them in
> 15 minutes."
I would have problems with this statement on so many levels, its practically
impossible for me to answer constructively. The problem is, at least here,
that these "heads of deployment teams" fail to "represent", or even listen
us, in the field, much like you do, to whom shall we direct our concerns?

> We do get plenty of reports of other problems, so I don't
> think there's a fundamental failure in our ability to get input from the
> field. We can always hope to do better, of course.

The feedback that you do get, is too little, too late. We are reporting now,
and provide you with a window of oportunity to actually look at the field.
If you do care, maybe you could use the oportunity to ask more questions?
We would be more than happy to try to answer them.

Please consider this, when you actually act on your hope.

Sebastian Silva
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