iPhone comparison

Carlos Nazareno object404 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 12 20:51:40 EDT 2010

Yes, it's a hyperbole. I'm sorry for insulting everyone with the
comparison to Evil Steve but can put your emotions aside, look at this
objectively, and see my frustration?

I want to help, but I can't. This is the skillset that I have, and
thousands of others have the same problem. I'm not a computer
scientist, I'm just a self-taught cowboy coder.

I'm very busy with work and am struggling as it is to keep up with the
insanely rapid developments in my field. I have too much on my plate
to add learning python, sugarization or the other currently available
avenues of building apps for the XO.

I shouldn't have to "do my homework" -- reading the wiki should be
enough to tell me where I can help given my skillset and the fact that
I'm not a Linux person.

Given everything I've said here, why is Flash content (that is
developed to be optimized, not your typical unoptimized fare) not
suitable for the XO? I'm not a Silverlight dev, but if it has free dev
tools available, why not Silverlight too?

Oh, another advantage Flash & AIR gives for the XO compared to DHTML
is that you can have self-contained highly complex apps within single
SWF/AIR file. With DHTML, a lot of projects are done with multiple
HTML files being called, and that just doesn't play nice with the
Sugar's filesystem, nor does it lend well to sharing between students.

Here's the bottomline.

I know many of you hate Flash. I did too, back in the 90s and hated
2advanced with a passion because of its bloat and most flash content
was so bloated they were unviewable on our dial-up network connections

You have to realize that the Flash platform is now a completely
different animal than it used to be. It's very powerful, convenient,
and allows us interaction designers to do things that would've been
impractical/difficult or at least very tedious in any other platform.

I've outlined my points and the potential for the increased
availability of quality content for the users.I want to help,
personally for me, this is how. I'm a Flash game developer, that's
what I'm good at.

For example, I want to modify, optimize and contribute this
boggle-like game I made to the kids:

Yes or No?


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