New XO-1.5 10.2.0 build 119

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Mon Apr 12 15:56:06 EDT 2010

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 8:40 PM, Yioryos Asprobounitis
<mavrothal at> wrote:
> --- On Mon, 4/12/10, Bernie Innocenti <bernie at> wrote:
>> From: Bernie Innocenti <bernie at>
>> Subject: Re: New XO-1.5 10.2.0 build 119
>> To: "Peter Robinson" <pbrobinson at>
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>> Date: Monday, April 12, 2010, 9:15 AM
>> On Sat, 2010-04-10 at 17:57 +0100,
>> Peter Robinson wrote:
>> > >> Finally, I guess you have thought of it, but
>> by the
>> > >> time 10.2 will be out F11 repositories will
>> be down
>> > >> and thus the builds totally frozen
>> software-wise.
>> > >
>> > > I think it would have been better to rebase on
>> F12 6 months ago.
>> > > Now it's way too close to the release date :-(
>> >
>> > I recommended F-12 which was in beta when this process
>> started but was
>> > ignored. I noticed the other day that dsd has created
>> a F-12 branch in
>> > git but I think we should be aiming straight for F-13
>> now. It'll be
>> > out in a little over a month, is quite stable already
>> and have will be
>> > supported for another 14 months.
>> +1
>> F13, btw, seems like a very solid release to me.
> I do not know why re-basing on F13 will reach deployment status much faster than F11 and will not be at the same point a year from now.
> The XO is a _production_ machine. Makes no sense to run development/short-lived OS. Maybe the RHEL/CentOS idea should not be dismissed, if feasible.

In the longer term its likely that it will be. The libraries in CentOS
5 are too old. The problem is that RHEL-6 isn't out yet, nor is there
any announcements when it will be, then from there the CentOS team
need to review, engineer, QA and release CentOS 6. Then you need to
build/test/QA sugar etc for it.

It will then be OK for a while until Sugar needs a newer version of a
library that is static on CentOS due to the support requirements. And
then it reverts to Fedora. And before you mention Ubuntu LTS, the
previous LTS has the same version issues, the current one will still
have the same problems going forward.


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