suspend in XO-1.5

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sat Apr 10 22:03:42 EDT 2010

Disclaimer:  I am not asking for help;  I am sharing my experiences:

I have an unmodified B2. says:
"Operation of the WLAN across a suspend/resume is not supported on an
unmodified B2".  Because of this statement, I have not been testing
suspend/resume on my XO-1.5.

At home, I connect via wired ethernet.  Today I was at a fest, attending
presentations.  I used the XO-1.5 (os118 manually updated with the os119
rpms; Q3A35g;  automatic power management is not checked) to view the
fest's on-line schedule of events.

Before each presentation period, I would look at the schedule to decide
which track to attend, then close the lid of the XO-1.5 (the power light
would pulse slowly).  At the end of one presentation, I would open the
lid (it immediately showed me the web page), to again decide where to go
next.  Several times I clicked on a link within the schedule -- the
browser would show me a new page describing the details of the
presentation whose link I had clicked on.

Given that several times I had the lid closed for 45 minutes, and that
the browser functioned normally as soon as I opened the lid -- I'm led
to conclude that my unmodified B2 *did* support operation of the WLAN
across suspend/resume.


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