New XO-1.5 10.2.0 build 119

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Sat Apr 10 04:47:38 EDT 2010

Unfortunately Record.activity is not really working yet. Filed #1931 with sugarlabs.
Also GIMP is freezing the XO-1.5 as soon as you open an image. Both in Gnome and launched from Sugar. Hard reboot is the only way out. 
Should not be included in the build till shorted out.
ntpdate is missing from the builds. Easy to add but maybe should be there to begin with.

Finally, I guess you have thought of it, but by the time 10.2 will be out F11 repositories will be down and thus the builds totally frozen software-wise.
Is there anyway to mirror and keep them (without any updating) somewhere till migration to F>11, so at least if a component is needed can be found at that time?  

--- On Fri, 4/9/10, Chris Ball <cjb at> wrote:

> From: Chris Ball <cjb at>
> Subject: New XO-1.5 10.2.0 build 119
> To: "Fedora OLPC" <fedora-olpc-list at>
> Cc: "Devel" <devel at>
> Date: Friday, April 9, 2010, 4:27 PM
> Compressed image size: 678.36mb (+0.01mb since build 118)
> Description of changes in this build:
>  * kernel: allow negotiation of 5/10/15/30fps (#10106)
>  With this change, Record should be able to record
> audio+video together,
>  although you'll still need to VT switch away and back if
> you get a black
>  Xv overlay as described in
> Package changes since build 118:
> -kernel-2.6.31_xo1.5-20100331.1824.1.olpc.5944795.i586
> +kernel-2.6.31_xo1.5-20100409.1311.1.olpc.03dde3f.i586
> -kernel-firmware-2.6.31_xo1.5-20100331.1824.1.olpc.5944795.i586
> +kernel-firmware-2.6.31_xo1.5-20100409.1311.1.olpc.03dde3f.i586
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