soas70xo impressions

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Tue Sep 29 14:32:58 EDT 2009

Regarding _using_ the 'new' toolbar:

> I would argue your 'significant amount of XO screen real estate' is a
> rather large exaggeration ;-)

My XO-1 screen is 4.5 inches vertically.  On soas70xo, two toolbars 
together visually "black out" .75 inches vertically.  That's 1/6 of 
my entire screen.

[What I'm remembering is the *total* visual impression of those two 
totally black toolbars;  what you are measuring is the *incremental* 
area of that second toolbar vs. the less obtrusive former tabs.]

> Just a quick hint that you do not need to click if you don't want to

I did not mind the click, since I was already clicking on the old 
toolbar.  [To me, more time gets wasted when hovering than when 
clicking.]  What I see as a duplication of effort (unless I leave 
the second toolbar in place, which I perceive as taking away limited 
XO screen real estate) is that I have to first [click|hover] to 
bringup the second toolbar - only then can I [click|whatever] on the 
service I want.  With the old design, I *would* leave the 
appropriate tab selected, yet not feel as though by doing so I was 
obstructing part of my "doing-the-actual-work" area.


p.s.  I suspect that on an XO-1 with Sugar 0.86 I will end up 
switching to full screen whenever possible, thereby visually 
_eliminating_ the distraction of seeing those thick toolbars.

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