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On Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Gary C Martin <gary at> wrote:
> Hi Mikus,
> On 29 Sep 2009, at 15:14, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
>> With now more exposure to it, I still do not like the new toolbar
>> design.  The XO has a *small* display screen.  Now many Activity
>> capabilities (such as 'Edit' in Terminal) can only be invoked from a
>> secondary toolbar that drops down from the primary toolbar.  The two
>> toolbars together take up a significant amount of XO screen real
>> estate.  And each time the secondary toolbar needs to be shown or
>> hidden, it takes one *extra* click (after me having to move the
>> cursor off the part of the screen that I was doing my work on).
> Just a quick hint that you do not need to click if you don't want to. The
> secondary toolbars hover expose (or right click if you want them instantly),
> in this mode they work just like any palette menu, taking up no canvas
> space, forcing no canvas redraw.
> I would argue your 'significant amount of XO screen real estate' is a rather
> large exaggeration ;-)
> Here's a quick screen shot comparison for the worst case when you have a
> secondary toolbar locked open to the canvas. On a 1200x900 display, two
> layers of toolbars is only an extra ~30 pixels, and you have the choice of
> not locking open the secondary toolbar (especially for edit, just use the
> keyboard shortcuts), gaining you an extra ~40 vertical pixels of canvas
> space.

Not to mention that many (most) toolbar items have keyboard shortcuts.
Edit certainly does :)


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> --Gary
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