XO-1 Mesh support in F11, testing request

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Sep 19 01:26:28 EDT 2009

> Anyone interested in helping the last few steps in getting XO-1 mesh
> support running again?

Sorry - but my news (testing mesh support in F11) is not good.

Could not run a Chat session using any F11-on-XO1 systems.  Don't 
know if it is a problem with Chat-65 itself, or with the interface. 
  I start Chat somewhere, and tell it to share with Neighborhood. 
All systems (802, os6) see that Chat icon on their own Neighborhood 
Views - and if in any system I click that icon, Chat launches.  But 
on (os6) systems, the "Share with" text in the activity header never 
gets greyed out - in other words, the Chat activity never goes 
on-line.  [Using only (802) systems, Chat works fine on those.]

Was able to get 'rsync' to transfer directories between (os6) 
systems, using the "local mesh" connection (IP address 169...). 
[Also was able to get 'rsync' to transfer directories between (os6) 
systems, using the "local wireless" connection (IP address 10...).]


But my overall impression of mesh support in F11 is that currently 
it is "flaky".  One system ended up showing a blank screen whenever 
F1 (for Neighborhood View) was pressed (went back to normal after 
being rebooted).  Neighborhood view often showed "invitations to 
chat" even half an hour after the inviting system had been shut 
down.  Some systems connected quickly to the local mesh - others 
took many minutes of pulsing to do so.  Sometimes not all on-line 
systems showed in Neighborhood.  It was unpleasant whenever the mesh 
icons in Neighborhood stopped accepting clicks - all I could do was 
to reboot the system this happened on.  [IIRC, one of the ways to 
trigger this was to click on the (mesh) Frame icon's 'Disconnect' - 
there seemed to be no way to 'Connect' again.]


My personal desire is to *control* what is happening.  I realize 
that for kids (the primary user target), the more things get done 
"hands off", the easier to use the product.  But that means that 
when things do not go as expected, users can be left helpless.  It 
was frustrating to see Chat launch but fail to show messages from 
others on its screen;  it was frustrating to see Neighborhood View 
showing the same information as before, when I knew things had 
changed;  it was frustrating to not be able to "turn mesh back on", 
when it appeared to have given up.


p.s.  attachment shows some meshbox messages

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