B2 build status

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Thu Sep 17 09:35:14 EDT 2009

When Quanta finally started the build at 7PM on Wed. they
discovered two problems:
A - zcat to one of the three candidate microSD cards were taking
  four to six times longer than it should have.
B - The units were powering off occasionally when turning on
the WLAN card.

They had to stop production, and rework all the motherboards
to solve B (I had proposed the solution used on Monday, but
they tried a different one first).   This was completed this afternoon,
and 120 reworked machines were put into a twelve hour burn-in
(with many WLAN card power cycles) over Thursday night.

Mitch, cjb, pgf, dsd, Quozl, smithbone, and I worked on problem A
all day, and haven't found the root cause yet.   As we are reasonably
sure that there should be a software solution, Quanta is switching
to use fs-update in their manufacturing process and will ship
these machines to us for further testing.    The SD card in question
is one that they had mistakenly not provided to me ahead of time
for qualification.

Quanta will restart the production line Friday morning to build the
remainder of the B2 laptops, and they should be shipped to 1CC on

Salutations from Song Jiang,

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