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Wed Sep 16 06:42:51 EDT 2009

On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 08:37:15PM -0400, Mikus Grinbergs wrote:
> Disclaimer:  I am not asking for help;  I'm sharing my experiences.

Thanks for reporting your experiences.

You're good at finding builds that aren't even announced :).

> Ran with soas63xo (booted from nand) on my XO-1.  Many of the
> difficulties with previous SoaS builds were still present.

That last SoaS-on-XO build that was publicised was based on F11.  This
one (and recent ones) are based on Rawhide.  So I expect there to be
more bugs, rather than fewer, in the short term.

> My Settings -> Date&Time - as soon as (to move the selection off UTC
> to my timezone) I pressed (cursor was on vertical scrollbar) the
> left mouse button, sugar crashed.  [Sugar also crashed when I
> clicked in the horizontal scrollbar in Browse.]

I experienced this as well.  No idea why.

> 'rpm -q kernel' shows *two* kernels applied to soas63xo.

This is expected and not a problem.

>  From the point of view of users running an XO, the SugarLabs
> software is now on a "fork".

It's on Fedora, and SugarLabs is upstream of OLPC.  So it would be
more usual to say "OLPC's distribution of GNU/Linux with Sugar is
F11-based, and SoaS is F12-based".  If you drew a graph to try to find
"fork"s you might find it hard to usefully define that term:

               0.82          0.84     0.86
Sugar   -------O-------------O--------O-----------> Sugar HEAD
                \             \        \
                 ---->         ---->    ---->
                 |  |                      |
F11     ---------oO-o--O-------------------|------> F11 HEAD
                  |     \                  |
                  |      ------------------|------> OLPC HEAD
                  |                        |
F12     ----------|------------------------o-O----> F12 HEAD
                  |                          |
SoaS    ----------o--------------------------o----> SoaS HEAD
                   \                          \
                    ---> Strawberry            ---> Blueberry

O = branch point
o = merge point ("landing" a branch on another codeline)
| = connection between branch and merge point

> mikus

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