Class Acts in Washington DC: join our 3-6PM Sunday Community Book Sprint kickoff!

Holt holt at
Sat Sep 5 16:06:04 EDT 2009

The month of brainstorming's around creative/small deployments is coming 
to a close; now let's come together 
writing/drawing/cartooning/Photoshopping/Gimping/Inkscaping this layout 
inviting future generations into our 21st century learning community...

/Meet here Sunday 3-6PM Washington DC Time (EDT) to whiteboard our Table 
of Contents: ( //)/

   Arlington Career Center (1+ mile West of Pentagon)
    816 South Walter Reed Drive
    Arlington, VA 22204

Luke Faraone's still finalizing telepresence and *Sunday 6-8PM dinner* 
details, which will be posted here shortly:

Join our IRC live chat channel #olpc-help anytime all week, with a 
single click!  9AM to 7PM especially -- Washington DC time (EDT) :
    (Firefox works far better than Internet Explorer)

Start writing directly here -- even if post-production might involve 
other more sophisticated layout tool/chains.  Take a quick peek at how 
your work fits in with others (survey ) then jump right in 
telling your story here:
    (if you're new to book sprinting!)
    (if you're new to Floss Manuals writing collaboration!)

Our free voice line should be open most of 3-6PM Sunday.  And weekdays 
most of noon-to-2PM.  Write me back and introduce yourself above on live 
chat if you don't yet have the number!
(Completely free call from anywhere worldwide if you have a SkypeOut 
account, or toll-free access to Canada/US 800 numbers.)

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