Some Questions About Setting Up A School Server

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Fri Oct 23 04:37:38 EDT 2009

Hi All... 
These questions are from Jim Stockford <jim at> who is working with Shameer on a Contributors Program project.  Please be sure to send me a copy of any answers! Thanks.

Jim needs help setting up a school server. For starters, I referred him to:
 He has the following questions. 
>    what's missing at least in part is network 
> topology and possibilities, especially on the 
> LAN side of the xs. 
>    for example, assuming eth0 for WAN (internet 
> access) and eth1 for LAN (xo) access, can we 
> connect eth1 to a switch and connect an access 
> point to the switch (this lets us connect xo 
> boxes either by wifi or by wire). 
>    as a different example, how to configure one 
> of those cheap little home routers so we can 
> connect eth1 to the router and then connect xo 
> boxes either to the built-in switch on the 
> router or the built-in access point on the 
> router to allow the xs dhcp server to respond 
> to xo requests for ip addresses (i.e. inhibit 
> the router's dhcp server)? 
>    these are not really xo and xs considerations 
> except that these are some of the stumbling 
> blocks we've encountered in our so-far-failed 
> attempt to get the school server working with 
> the xo boxes. 

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