the importance of providing swap space

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Fri Oct 23 07:24:33 EDT 2009

Helped a friend install os8 on his XO-1.  When we got done, he 
decided to enter the command 'yum install gparted'.  Yum failed with 
a "not enough memory" error.

I happened to have an SD card with me that had a swap partition 
defined on it.  The XO's SD slot was already in use, so I attached 
an USB card reader (with my card in it), and issued the appropriate 
'swapon /dev/...' command.

Now he could issue 'rpm -e gparted' and then 'yum install gparted' 
again.  This time, yum was successful.

The moral:  Things can be done if swap space is present that cannot 
be done if swap space is not present.


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