F11 wired vs. jabber

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Thu Oct 22 13:52:55 EDT 2009

I don't have wireless (i.e., no AP), but use a local ethernet LAN. 
When I boot a F11 system, usually Neighborhood View shows me the 
(running) XOs connected to my ethernet.  But sometimes what I see is 
the XOs connected to the Jabber server I have defined.  To reach 
that Jabber server, the connection has to go over the ethernet, 
through a proxy (I had to tell telepathy that the proxy exists), and 
then over the internet.  [I am leaving the Jabber server name in 'My 
Settings' -- I am not adding/removing it dynamically.]

Which set of XOs I get to see seems to be random.  [Still happens 
that way both on XO-1 and on XO-1.5.]  Any ideas on how, with my 
setup, I could "favor" seeing jabber over seeing wired ?

Thanks, mikus

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