XO-1.5 unexpected behavior

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Sat Oct 17 16:13:12 EDT 2009

I normally work with both an external USB mouse and an external USB 
keyboard plugged in.  Just now I noticed that the keys on the XO 
itself were no longer working; neither was the touchpad.  [The USB 
devices continued to work.]  Rebooting made no change (whether the 
USB devices were plugged in or not) - on the XO neither the built-in 
keyboard nor the built-in touchpad worked;  when plugged in, the 
USB-connected mouse and keyboard worked fine.

I did a "dcon reset" by removing the AC cord and the battery for a 
number of minutes, then rebooting.  Now both the built-in keyboard 
and the built-in touchpad work correctly.  Serial SHC93700111D.


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