XO-1 -> XO-1.5 upgrades?

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Fri Oct 16 15:25:31 EDT 2009

this is probably the wrong list to ask this on, but since I'm not sure 
which would be the right one I'll ask here.

has there been any thought to providing some sort of XO-1 to XO-1.5 
upgrade path for the G1G1 buyers? I got 8 of these for family members (and 
testing), and while I consider the investment worthwhile, it's going to be 
hard for me to justify doing this again at full (2x) price for the 1.5 
laptops (if the economy was a bit better, possibly, but not at the moment)

I'm not suggesting that you do anything that would end up running under 
cost, but something at cost (as opposed to at 2x cost) would be a very 
nice thing to offer for the early supporters who used the G1G1 program.

I suspect that the hassle of checking, warehouseing, cleaning, etc the 
XO-1 laptops would mean that there would be little, if any value to OLPC 
in getting the XO-1 laptops back (unless there was a charitible 
orginization that they would want to give them to as-is), so it's probably 
cheapest and easiest if the people who purchased through the G1G1 program 
were to just get an offer to guy an equal number of XO-1.5 boxes at ~cost.

I know this is a bit early as you are still working the bugs out of the 
1.5 laptops, but things like this take a while to get figured out.


David Lang

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